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What If…?

Adapted from “All the Light Inside of You.”

What if we chose to see the people all around us as a part of ourselves?

What if we understood that the bad behaviors we witness in others are areas that are deficient in love, and instead of responding in like manner, we chose instead to feed those  areas with our own love?

What if we based every response from the perfect love from which our spirit draws and understood that there is nothing it can’t heal? It heals in ways we may never see, and when received, it supplies us with the fortitude to endure anything we face. It wishes the very best for us and for those around us. It is the nucleus of hope and an endless source of grace and forgiveness.

What if we recognized that the more a person is filled with this love, the less likely he or she will be to respond with behavior that goes against love? He or she becomes formidable in the face of adversity and desires a world that is harmonious and tolerant. A person filled with this kind of love wants it to radiate first from within them and then outward.

What if we understood that these things will only happen when we choose them to be so? When we stop listening to ego and fear, and we allow the divinity of our spirit to govern our actions. When we choose to feel the joy of living our lives, striving to be the very best versions of ourselves.

When we choose to be grateful for each breath we take, the warmth of the sun on our skin, for each hardship we face that serves as a lesson, or for each memory of a hug with someone we lost.

When we let go of anger and judgment, practice forgiveness of others and ourselves, and shine our God-given light into the darkness.

When we choose love in all our responses.

Perhaps it is then we will see peace-on-Earth.

—Modified from the pages of, All The Light Inside of You
 — 2018, Keryl J. Oliver

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