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To become comfortable with me, you must know a few things about me:

Most people are held back by:

  • Over-commitment in other parts of their life
  • Limiting self-beliefs
  • Analysis overload, often called analysis paralysis
  • The 6-second sound byte (the little voice that whispers ‘you can’t’)
  • Facing the unknown and feeling alone
  • Being told in the past or made to feel, that you will not succeed
  • Not knowing where to begin
  • Becoming overwhelmed with the tasks related to all of the possibilities

These and much more lead to the big one—fear of failure.

Failure is not a negative thing. Failure means you are trying something new. The key is not to give up.

My past failures remind me that I dared to try something outside of my comfort level. They are the reason I created my practice.

  • I dared to modify my career in the latter years of my life to create one that fulfilled me.
  • I dared to believe that there was nothing I couldn’t do as long as I modified my attitude to one of empowerment and tenacity.
  • I dared to publish a book about my experience of taking an enormously adverse situation and converting it into a learning experience.
  • I dared to trust that I could withstand the possibility of harsh judgment for showing emotional vulnerability through my book.
  • I also dared to believe that my failures would assist in my growth and be used to help others.

More often than not, these moments of ‘daring to’ converted negative situations into positive outcomes.

What is your ‘dared to’ moment? If you don’t have one, you might be living within the confines of a boundary that will not create expansion. You see, it doesn’t matter the number of failures; it is the number of attempts that matter. 

Whether you use the tools I have developed or sign up for coaching or both. The choice is yours. My role is to support you personally or professionally by tapping into the potential that exists within you and removing the obstacles, be they internal or external.

My approach draws from decades of being in an executive leadership position and is combined with a lifetime of seeking to understand what sustains us when everything we believe in falls away. I am an author and speaker on the power of resilience and positive psychology. I help you achieve and sustain a positive and effective mindset that will become a great catalyst for finding success in anything you set out to do. You will find my style authentic, informed, and compassionate one-on-one or in a group.

You will hear me use words commonplace in life but not in business. However, I do use them in business. Love, forgiveness, and highest self. You see, we don’t check our integrity and character at the door when we walk into our workplace.

Personally or professionally, I look forward to helping you discover that powerful part of you that is waiting to be unleashed.

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I hold a certificate of personal development from the Coaching and Positive Psychology Institute which is recognized by the International Coaching Federation and I am a Certified Personal and Executive Coach. My experience comes from 30 years of business leadership and 50+ years of evolving through the seasons of my life. I draw on both of these during our sessions. My certification and ongoing development are simply to reinforce my dedication to being the most effective accountability partner I can be for you.