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Described as “The Alchemist (the power of the human spirit), meets The Shack (healing through the understanding there is something much bigger than us), meets Heaven is for Real (the unwavering faith of a child); and called ‘an unforgettable and courageous story of awareness, compassion, and forgiveness.'”

THE STRENGTH OF THE HUMAN SPIRIT The 6-year child loved her time spent in solitude in the woods near her home. But was she really alone? She didn’t believe so. There was always the sense of a loving presence watching over her, delighting in her time in nature. What was that extra something and why was there so much love when it pressed on her heart as an inner voice? Now an adult and prompted by the same inner-voice, she offers to help a near-stranger who is battling cancer and soon finds herself immersed in a web of lies and deceptions. With nearly every facet of her life negatively impacted by this person, she faces a new battle—how to not let the bitterness consume her and how to determine whether or not to trust the inner-voice that has guided her throughout her life. All the Light Inside of You takes readers through a riveting series of events that twist and turn comprising the author’s life and forcing her to draw from all she learned throughout its seasons in this story of spiritual resilience, freedom of choice, discovery, and love. Throughout the book are stories of ordinary people encountering extraordinary circumstances that remind us we are so much more than physical beings and we are never alone. The discovery of this by an every-day person, through poignant storytelling is the foundation of this book.  *       *       *
Universally, we humans experience the most profound lessons in the darkest seasons of our lives. These times often bring forth the awareness that within the cramped confines of our physical bodies, the immeasurable vastness of a non-physical spirit exists. Countless stories have chronicled the human spirit's phenomenon of activating most powerfully at our highest level of vulnerability or pain. Yet, how or why this happens is still a great mystery. An even greater mystery is the origin of the human spirit. What is its source? Does anyone honestly know? Over the years, we have given it many names, Spirit, YHWH, I AM, Divine Spark, Beloved, Elohim, El Shaddai, Jehovah, Divine Father, Divine Mother, Adonai, I AM, Holy Spirit, Love, and God, to name just a few. Although gender-agnostic, many have chosen to refer to it as He or She. More than 300 instances of the word "God" appear within the pages you are about to read. Yet, this is not a book of religious persuasions or beliefs. Instead, these events occurred throughout my secular life as I found myself unable to deny that there was something I could sense since I was a small child but could not see. What was this extra something? From where does that inner voice come, and why is there such wisdom when it presses on a heart? How and why do some things occur that are seemingly beyond rational explanation? Why are these things amplified within a person whose mind is open and receptive? When I brought a near-stranger battling cancer into my home to offer my support through treatment, events unfolded that I never would have seen coming. Many were impossible to explain. Was I being guided toward a lesson? Was I being warned or protected? If so, by what or whom? Whatever the reason, they confirmed to me that we are a part of something both seen and unseen. Since publishing this book, I have interacted with many readers who have expressed their intense dislike for this individual's actions, and a great many others who have shared personal stories of the mysteries they've experienced in their own lives. Events they did not feel the courage to share before now. I wrote about these events not to add to the harm this person has already caused herself and others because I have come to understand that those who behave in ways we find detestable are suffering enough in their minds and spirits. However, I did so because exchanging our stories without fear of vulnerability or judgment is empowering. Learning from one another's journey provides enlightenment to our own. When a person feels not alone, he or she becomes bolder about facing their past or present pain. This courage often guides them to the realization that past events no longer have power over them unless they grant it. And, by taking back their power, healing begins. Perhaps their story may help someone else do the same. That is what has happened with my book. So, I encourage you to discover your story and share it. And I thank you for reading mine. Now, let's begin at the beginning, with the story of the man and the woman whose infamous and monumental spiritual disconnect allegedly blazed the trail toward humankind's inability to see beyond the physical world we know today.

At a book signing, speaking on the power of resilience and forgiveness.