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The fiercest motivator

A friend recently asked me if I knew about servant leadership. “Yes, I do.” Servant Leadership is based on ten principles: Listening, Empathy, Healing, Awareness, Persuasion, Conceptualization, Foresight, Stewardship, Commitment to the Growth of People, and Building Community. “Well,” he said, “Your leadership style goes beyond that. Yours has an extra something that is needed in business today.”

I knew immediately what that extra something was because it has been something that I have been intentional about for some time now. What I no longer leave at the door when I start my workday is an intent that is steeped in ‘love.’ I have said this before, and it is worth repeating—the kind of love I speak of is one that wants the very best for the people with whom we interact. One that bases responses in a manner that is beneficial to all parties, and remembers that the primary business resource is human.

The companies that create an environment where its attributes are encouraged…
  • proudly bear the reputation of ‘best company to work for;’
  • attract the sharpest minds,
  • have high employee retention,
  • maintain a loyal customer base, and
  • possess leaders who have a strong and loyal following.
If love is not the foundation of our values, then what is? Love is the WHY and the SO THAT in our goals.

Love is a word that has become diluted to softness. To heart-shaped boxes of candy. But in reality, it is fierce in its ability to motivate. Love is the cornerstone for the environment we create in our lives—both personally and professionally. Love is the foundation of Servant Leadership, although the word itself cannot be found in the principles.

  • We buy products we love,
  • We visit places where we are treated special and shown love.
  • We are more productive in an environment that promotes respect, encouragement, and compassion—all of which are sourced from love.

There is nothing more powerful.

Love spawns happiness, action, drive, and perseverance—and it DOES indeed belong in business as the foundation from which all else is built.

Love was the reason the friend I was speaking to walked away from a high paying corporate job in pursuit of one that fed his soul. It is why I did the same. I will continue to incorporate love into my every day, whether in a business setting or not.

Employers, employees, friends, community, when you find yourself facing a major decision or predicament, and you are not sure how to respond, remind yourself that there is no more powerful response than one that strives to create a scenario that is best for those who surround you—one that is steeped in love. You will not lose.

So, I’m really curious—how does love show up in your workday? Let me know on Twitter (@KerylOliver) using the hashtag #IfNotLoveThenWhat

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