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We create plans for many things in our lives, but we often fail to create the most important plan – our own life plan. 
Highly Achievable coaching sessions and immersive workshops are rooted in science-based methods centered on positive psychology, values, and goals and are designed to help individuals and groups focus on achieving and creating what they envision. Whether your focus is personal or professional, our program will help you transform your habits and mindset, hone leadership skills, identify and remove obstacles, and create actionable plans of progress toward a defined goal or vision. 

The Three Cs: Connection, Communication, and Community

There’s no question we are biologically hard-wired to connect. With this programs, you come together in a safe environment facilitated by an expert as you participate in individual and group exercises designed to help you map out what is next for you on your most important journey. Feed off the energy of others striving toward the same or a similar goal, and at the end of the day, make new connections to help you stay on your path.


Participate in this immersive workshop and walk away with a clear roadmap to the next step on your journey.


One of my fondest memories of the years running my company were the team's brainstorm sessions. There were two kinds—the first was the discovery meeting with our client. Discovery was where we determined the goal and the variables of impact that surrounded the goal. The second was our internal session with the staff to conceptualize the best strategy and tactic for our client to reach the goal. The team was comprised of individuals with brains that were as unique from one another as their DNAs. Each brainstorm session was conducted with a model formulated to progress us toward the best solution to the challenge we faced.

Fast forward to now.

As I worked with clients one on one, it occurred to me that a lot of responsibility was placed on the client to go at it alone. Remembering the strength of an effective model and the power of the team, I developed these workshops to help guide people with the same elements that were so successful when used to guide organizations.

FORMAT OPTION 1 • Onsite location in a group environment
• Facilitated by an expert, using distributed materials
• Individual and group exercises
• 4 hours in length (may be split into two 2-hours sessions) FORMAT OPTION 2 • One-on-one delivery by coach
We fail to reach our goals for a myriad of reasons. Some of the most common are: They are too vague/general, they lack the 'why,' and they are not in alignment with one's values. Other reasons include a lack of commitment, lack of planning, and a lack of support for the person in pursuit of a goal.

In this module, you will begin by digging deep into who you are today, engage in a facilitated discovery session, determine your goals based on specific criteria unique to who you are, and set initial action steps. The exercises in this module are also designed to identify and eliminate the common obstacles to failure and to set an initial action plan.

• Tine spent reacquainting you with you • Identifying strengths and areas of improvement
• Transforming limiting self-beliefs into positive affirmations
• Developing the ability to identify and use your strengths
• Determining goals in alignment with values
• Setting goals with a foundation for success
• Developing initial action steps
You've completed module one—whether through the program of Highly Achievable or another method—you have a goal and it is well-defined. Now it's time to make it more than a dream. Using a modified method from years of successfully helping organizations and combining it with creativity to make it fun and unique, you will create a visual plan, present it to a group of supportive individuals, and be provided with feedback to help you clarify potential areas of impediments.

• Creating a strategic roadmap
• Develop a personal/professional presentation
• Present the action plan to participants
• Receive feedback and suggestions on modification
• Setting goals with a foundation for success
• Walk away with the strategic equivalent of a vision board
Group Workshop
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“In a matter of one hour you coached me into a new perspective on how I view my partners and team as well as provided me the tools I need to make the best of the circumstances I am facing with a positive approach.”



Hi, I’m Keryl

I have defied the norms and shattered boundaries and I know you can do the same. I believe you have the power to create the life you envision, regardless of how many or how few came before you. With intent, a supportive environment, the right mindset, and smart planning, it’s entirely possible.

Whether your goals are entirely personal or professional, please contact me. I would like to be a part of your journey. I’m glad you’re here.


Make the most of your experience

• Be specific and mindful when filling out any pre-session material
• Begin thinking your goals and what you would like to achieve
• Pay attention to your daily thoughts and feelings. Write them down if necessary
Schedule a 15-minute phone call to discuss any questions you may have or to learn more about what to expect

On session day:
• Be on time
• Create a distraction-free environment
• Engage in activities
• Shed your inhibitions

“If you want to go fast, go alone.
If you want to go far, go together.”

– African Proverb

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