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A 28-Day Guide and Action Planner designed to help you create a life of happiness that leads to success.

Backed by the science of positive psychology to assist you in cognitively changing your behavioral traits to set goals and successfully achieve them.

• User-friendly screens
• Easy  to navigate
Print your work into a customized journal

Invest in yourself

With the tools in this action planner, you will:

  • Gain a science-based understanding of your current happiness level
  • Engage in exercises to discover what is essential to have in your life for increased happiness and wellbeing
  • Learn tools to maintain a positive, growth-oriented mindset
  • Disarm your internal and external saboteurs
  • Reveal your character strengths through a science-based questionnaire
  • Identify and break habits
  • Increase gratitude
  • Discover your highest priority goal and use a 28-day guide to achieve it
  • Benefit from flexible deadlines, 100 percent online, and a full section of reference instructions

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